Monday, May 21, 2012

Technology Tickets {and Free Printables}

We’ve been trying something new around here.

Saul and I have noticed that two of our kids are…how should I say it…..T.V. addicts.

In an effort to help them manage their time spent “watching” rather than “doing”, we initiated Technology Tickets.  The concept is that each child receives a set amount of technology time (T.V., Video Games, Computer) each week.  They ask permission to use a ticket, we set the timer, and once the timer goes off so does the T.V.  Without whining. 

tech tickets

Here are the rules I typed up, so that Saul and I would be consistent, and so the kids couldn’t try to trick him into changing it up.  Not that they’ve ever done something like that before….

tech tickets 2

I created a color coded set of tickets for each of them.  We’ve color coded the kids since the boys were born.  Isaac is always blue, Nate is green, and Elaina is pink.  Olivia’s color is up for debate still…usually purple though.


I printed, laminated, and cut out 3 sets for each of them.


I cut a small envelope in half to hold each set of tickets, and then attached it to our bulletin board with push pins.



Here’s a glance at the whole set up.  At the top are the extra tickets  for us to hand out as we want.  To the side is a blue card envelope that holds the tickets as they are used. 

Want to print your own?

Click here to print the Rules
Click here to print the Tickets

One thing that I am really liking about this system is that I have more accountability with not allowing them so much T.V. time.  I was starting to realize that  I would allow it more than I should have, in order to get things done around the house.  I’m pretty sure that I will still have those days, where the rules go out the window, and I allow a “Free Day” and we all sit in front of the T.V. stuffing our faces with popcorn.  But for the most part, I think this is a great new routine for our family.

I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going.

How about you?  How do you manage your kids' T.V. time?


Unknown said...

I know you are a busy momma. I am too. 5 kids under 8. ;) I LOVE LOVE these technology tickets and I have a big favor to ask. Our kids colors are green, blue, pink (which you already have) but I need purple and yellow (girls) as well. I have been trying but have NO IDEA how you created these and I really want them to match in style. I wouldn't care what icon you used. Might you have a quick second to do that for me? My email is I would be forever grateful!! And congrats on your race!!!!!

Unknown said...

Also, I know how to "sign" the doc in Adobe to put names on them but how do you get names on the VERTICAL tickets?

Sarah said...

I just sent you an email! I am happy to help!

Bethany said...

These tickets are GREAT! My soon to be 5 year old will hop from TV show to video game to tablet games to cell phone games if I let him......which I've done way more than I should. He has a hard time playing by himself when his brother is at school. I like your comment about your accountability for how much tech time they have. I need to put more effort into playing with them and involving them in my work. They always love helping me, I need to take advantage of that while they're still young! I have a 6, 5, 2 1/2 year old and a 5 month old. So glad I found your idea! Its exactly what I was looking for!

Bethany said...

These are exactly what I need! Thank you so much for sharing these. My 5 and 6 year old boys will hop from TV show to video game to tablet game to cell phone game if I let them.....and I've let them. I like your comment about accountability. I need to be more involved in playing with my kids and encouraging them to help me with house work - and they usually love helping me. I've seen a comment floating around that says something like "spend more time with your kids rather than spending more money on them" (its put more eloquent than that but you get the idea) Thanks for sharing these tickets. I'm excited to use them.

Sarah Cook said...

Thank you so much for these printables! I've been wanting to put something into place for my two kids, but just hadn't done it yet. Printed, laminated and hung them today. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Love this! Thank you!

Erin said...

Hi, Sarah!
Thank you so much for this post! It's a wonderful idea! I have the same questions Christina had! Would you send me an email too? ;)
I need purple and yellow as well as directions on how to personalize them!

Gregg said...

Hi Sarah!!
you are a life saver I to could use Yellow & purple BUT i need help on how i could personalize them, can you please send me an e-mail too? :0)
My e-mail be willing to pay your for the time and trouble :0)
Mayda :0)

Unknown said...

Hi there, This is awesome, I too am in need of purple and yellow and instructions. If your happy could you please forward an email to me too??
Thank you sooooo much in advance...

Sara said...

I love your technology ticket idea. If you still had the other colors available, I would love to have the yellow ones. (I have 3 boys.) Thanks so much for sharing this idea. I know it will be a huge help in our home. Thanks. -Sara

5K and Life...A constant learning game said...

I love this idea so much. Is there a way I can edit this (color and fonts and adding names)? I would love to customize to our household. This is AMAZING thanks
Melissa in Taxas

Journey TO Josie said...

Love this! Printing out now. I'm right with you where I allow way too much so that I can get stuff done. I've noticed that when I finally get fed up and yell "shut it off!" the kids play so great together. When the TV is an option there is A LOT of arguing!