Monday, May 14, 2012

New Chore Charts

Over the years, we’ve tried various chore systems. 

They all work.  For a while.

Lately though, there has been a lot of reminding (that feels a lot like nagging) and quite a bit of slacking.  So we are going back to the basics for a while.  If there is one thing I’ve learned in 8 years of parenting, it’s this:  Once you figure out what works, it can suddenly stop working without warning.  Or it doesn’t work for one of your kids.  Or something else changes in life and the whole thing is shot out the window. 

Just keeping it real and changing things up a bit!

Here’s a look at what the new charts I made them look like, in case you were interested.  Because I’m certain, that it will be the highlight of your day….Ha!


Saul and I do not expect perfection in their chores, but what we do expect is effort. 

And a happy heart.  Our chores are done after breakfast and before school starts.  We usually crank up the music to keep the mood light.  Because otherwise the grumbling and complaining starts.  And goofing around.

This verse has become our official chore motto: 
“Work hard and cheerfully in everything you do, just as though you were working for the Lord.”
-Colossians 3:23
We even have a tune that we sing it to. Or rather, I sing it to, and the kids roll their eyes at me….

How about you? What is your chore system?


Jenny K said...

It's nice to see what works for other folks.

Of course, Liam is young enough that we don't have a chore chart for him, but when he turns 3 (this month) I'm thinking of having him start taking more of a helper role. Like helping feed the dogs, helping sort socks, helping mommy fold washcloths, etc.

He still won't have any chores of his own, but hopefully we'll be able to introduce him to the idea of contributing to taking care of the family and home.

Sarah said...

You are so wise to star him off that way! That is what we have done with all of them. They would sit and match socks, and practice folding towels, and we would sing, "This is the way we..."

We didn't give official chore charts until the boys were both 5 and displaying abilities to complete activiies independantly (with encouragement and lots of training!) Good luck! It's always an adventure!

Bunch of Bishops said...

great verse!