Saturday, November 5, 2011

7 years old

"When they placed you in my arms,
you slipped into my heart."
-Margaret Drabble

He is seven now. 
Growing taller and leaner,
not much resemblance to the chubby toddler,
rolly polly kid that was.
We tell him his story, the birth of a babe who came into the world screaming,
and has barley taken a breath since.
No time to sit or be idle. 
No time for cuddles or books.

He has changed though.
This year has brought focus, interest in quiet activities.
He has become an avid reader,
his mind loving the challenge of imagination in fiction and non.
He spouts out stories and facts, his memory quick to recall.

He plays with figurines, guns shooting, lasers slicing.
Preferring now solitude over a playmate.
"Just time for myself." he would claim.
"May I help make my cake?"
He has predictably chosen a chocolate cake with white frosting.
No layers, please.

We visit a farm that day.  Sort of a homeschool field trip/birthday party in one.
He is in heaven outside.
Jumping. Running. Time with family and friends.

He waits all day to open his gifts, tries hard to wait happily.
A ball, shoes, a book, Star Wars toys....
and the others look on, sharing his excitement.

One wish for another year.
One special day for a wonderful son.

Happy Birthday Nathaniel David.
You are greatly loved!

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