Saturday, November 12, 2011

Posh Princess Preschool - Letter G

Gg for: Gorilla, Giraffe, Goats
We are still using our Word Whammer.
She places the letter G and g in to hear the two sounds the letter makes.

She loves these worksheets from Confessions of a Homeschooler.
They are from the K4 Curriculum set.

G is for Gorilla Magnet Sheet from Making Learning Fun.
This week we used Magnetic Counting Chips instead of the pom poms.

Her letter Gg Play-doh page...

We try to do a little review each week, to keep up on what she
has learned so far.  This week I got out a set of felt letters in
both upper and lower case letters. 

After setting out the letters she has learned,
I had her put them on the felt board in alphabetical order.
She was so proud after she completed it, and asked to do it again!

Working on her Kuman Amazing Mazes book.
She loves this activity!

She started a new early math concepts sticker book.
She learned how to write numbers 1 and 2.

Here's another new book I found at the thrift store:
Now I Know My 1,2,3's is a magnetic/dry erase book with
animal counters, pattern blocks, color and number tiles, and brick bars.
Hopefully we can go through it along with her other Math workbook.
More Gg worksheets:
Smallest object....

Letter Gg search

Letter Gg for goat

One of our favorite authors is Eric Carl.
This book From Head To Toe is one I got when the boys were small.
Since it had a gorilla, it fit our theme this week perfectly!
We read the book, and then played the game too.
She also laced the gorilla from this set.

Doing some of the activities from the book and game:

Bending like a giraffe..

She played with our Gears! Gears! Gears! set a bunch this week.
She made a lot of different "robots" with them.

Doing an old alphabet floor puzzle.  She needed a lot of help with this one,
but it should get easier as she learns more letters.

She asked to do some watercolor painting...

She also played Boggle Jr. 
I pulled out all of the E, F, and G words for her to do.
(She doesn't like to use the timer....too much pressure for her!
She lines up the correct letters, and then starts the timer.
It is too cute!)

We had a couple of classic tales to do this week:
& Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

All of the kids really enjoyed this story,
and being able to place the felt pieces on the board.

This is a magnetic set of Goldilocks we got out to tell the story with.
Each of the kids took turns telling the tale.

We also have a set of puppets to go with the story
that the kids played with this week.
They had so much fun putting on a puppet show for the Baby!
My Momma was visiting and got to do a little school with us too.
Here she is doing a little science experiment with our
magnifying glass kit. (Couldn't find a link)

Another great week for The Diva!

My beautiful girl!

I have linked up to Preschool Corner this week. 
 Be sure to check out what other preschoolers are up to also.

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