Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tot School–23.5 Months

My sweet little girl is almost two!
I should know by now how fast this time goes by…


Here’s a look at what we did for Tot School this week:


She’s been playing a lot lately with her doll house. 
 This is theLittle People Happy Sounds  Set.243
She still loves to lace beads…245


She read a few “H” books: Humpty Dumpty, But Not The Hippopotamus…281
She worked on her Melissa and Doug Beginner Pattern Blocks several times also. 
She gets more and more confident each time.284


 from Lakeshore Learning…

And played with ourBusy Bugs set too. 
She has been practicing pouring them from one cup to another. 
 I have been teaching her colors as well, and she is able to say blue (bue),
yellow (le-low), and purple (purpo) now. 300


I got out her Rainbow Stacker, but she wasn’t too interested in it…


She played a little with these pop and snap bugs…

What she really loves to do is play with her baby doll! 
It amazes me how both girls have such a strong motherly instinct at such a young age. 
Most of the week, if she wasn’t holding the kitty, or reading books,
she was playing dolls.


I love how she rocks her baby and says, “Shhh..” and even sings to her baby too!

Here she is with the kitty. 
She literally spends hours holding her and carrying her around the house…238
Kitty love…239

Eating an Ice Cream Sundae…321


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Jenny said...

I like your activities. The magnet window looks fun. I've been thinking about getting a set of those patterning blocks for my little guy too.

Brittney said...

Our pattern set is different, but it is a huge hit in our house. My (almost) 5 year old still plays with it.

I love the cat's look in the second picture! :)

Anonymous said...

She is such a cutie. My little one loves her pattern blocks. It is always a big hit when I bring it out.