Thursday, November 3, 2011

Posh Princess Preschool - Letter F

We have developed a strong routine for The Diva's preschool,
as you may be able to tell by my posts.
She seems to really like that she knows what is coming next.
Lots of our activities give us the ability to do frequent review,
which is so important for her reading development.
Here is a look at what she did this past week!

Letter F for:  FROGS, FISH, and FARM

We started off with our Word Whammer
 to hear how the letter Ff sounded.

Then we moved onto the letter Ff worksheet from

She did her Play-doh page and used the
letter F cookie cutter from this set.

And then stamped the letter F
with this set.

Here is the magnet sheet from Making Learning Fun:
home-made pom pom magnets.

I found this great Flat Fish Phonics Set this summer, and this
is the first we've really played around with it.
The fish are made from thick foam
and come in different colors and textures.
One side is blank, and the other has letters and letter blends.

First, we made several different patterns with them...

Then we made a few short words with them.
I think this will be a great activity as she expands her letter knowledge
and starts to read!

The Diva also did this fun Magnetic Fish Counting Book...

And the Fish and Frog boards from our
 See and Spell set.

This is a fun game the kids all got to play with.
It's called Leaping Frogs.

It comes with frog bean bags that you toss,
and then bounce off the mini trampoline,
and try to get your frog to land on a lilly pad.
This was great for her addition skills and gross motor skills too!

She did lots of worksheets too.
Coloring a F for frog...

Find the letter Ff.....

And circle the smallest object...

She is still working on her Kumon Maze Book.

She played Hoppity Winks with her Dad.
This is a fun activity where you push down on the
back of the frog to make him "hop" onto the lilly pads
and "eat" the flies!

Towards the middle of the week we moved onto the
Ff is for Farm!
Of all of the themes we have,
I think Farm is one of our biggest collections!

Here she is doing a dice game from Making Learning Fun:
Roll-A-Barn.  She is still working on
 recognizing the dots on a die, so this was great practice for her!

We sang "The Farmer In The Dell" a bunch,
and she loved using these Word Wall Cards from DLTK
 to help her remember what came next.

This is an older activity she loves to do called,
Who's Your Mommy?  They are stacking cards, and help
teach the vocabulary of baby animal names with the mommy animal names.

Pig is piglet's mommy, Horse is foal's mommy, Rabbit is bunny's mommy...

We used this 3D Magnetic Farm Set to practice
beginning sounds, counting, and patterns.

And did a few things from our Farm Tot Pack
from 1+1+1=1.  She is kind of out-growing this pack,
but we still used parts of it....
Tractor sizing from big to small...

Counting animals....

And animal colors....

She played with this farm felt set by Felt Creations
 It was cute listening to the stories she told using the set!

We seem to have lots of farm themed puzzles.
This one from Melissa & Doug is a family favorite.
The Diva has gained so much confidence in doing these large floor puzzles.
She used to get really overwhelmed with them, and now
she insists on completing them on her own!

We were invited to a pumpkin farm (perfect timing!)
so here are a few pictures of The Diva there.
She really enjoyed this field trip!

She got to pet and feed lots of animals...

And go on a pony ride....
(She was in heaven!)

And see the biggest pig we have ever seen!

We ended the week with a few Halloween activities.
The first few are from a Pumpkin Preschool Pack that I
put together last year...

I keep all of the activities in a pendaflex file folder
and store all of our packs in a filling box.

We discussed the life cycle of the pumpkin...

And learned a few Pumpkin Facts.
I laminated these so that they could be re-used...

We used these story cards from our favorite Halloween Story
and put them into our pocket chart.

And sang a few pumpkin songs,
"Jack-O-Lantern", and "5 Little Pumpkins".

She did some Halloween lacing...

This is part of a set from 6-Scene Sequence Cards
of a girl carving a Jack-O-Lantern.
We talked about ordinal numbers 1st-6th,
and also about Beginning, Middle, and End.

This year we decided to just draw our Jack-O-Lanterns.
Here she is planning her creation...

And with the final product!
She was so proud! (Me too!)

Grandma came up for a visit on Halloween.
She was even dressed up this year!
Both girls were princesses, and the boys were
 Batman and a Star Wars Clone.

Great week of learning and fun!

Next Week:  Letter Gg

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