Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moments to Remember...

I love this idea from Homeschool Creations and 1+1+1=1!
There are lots of reasons we love to homeschool,
but the time we get together in fellowship is top of the list. 
What a fantastic way to  put all of those special moments in one place!
My first list here is a bit long, just couldn't help myself...

Why we love  homeschool
and the moments we want to remember..


You get to have school with your kitty…


You get to have your big brother read to you…


You get to learn about Jesus, everyday…


You get to twirl in your TuTu,
 and dance with your big brother,
 who is having a pajama day…again…


You can have school at your great-grandparents house,
and learn about what school was like for them…


You get to learn about mixing colors by making frosting for your Christmas cookies…


You get to go on lots of fun field trips with your family…


You get to do fun science experiments, with your Dad….


Your mom lets you find and catch as many
 giant grasshoppers
 as you can find, all in the name of science…


Your awesome Uncle takes you rock climbing,
 in the middle of the day,
 because you’re not in school…


Your birthday is declared a National Holiday,
and no school work is permitted….


You get to have lunch with other homeschoolers,
 in your best party-wear…


In late August, when other kids are behind desks at school,
 you get to play in the pool,
with your homeschool friends…

005 (4)

You get to teach your baby sister how to ride a trike…

006 (2)

You can have movie night in the middle of the week,
 since you don’t have to get up early…

050 (3)

You get to spend lots of time with your siblings, getting dirty…

091 (3)

After your history lesson,
 you can take your mom outside to show her
your new cool move on your scooter..

166 (3)

Your brother helps you clean up a mess you made…


Your mom takes a BILLION pictures of you,
 all day…and you always smile…

178 (2)

Math is fun because your mom lets you play and build with Cuisenaire Rods…

249 (2)

You can play T-ball in your pink cowboy boots,
and no one will even laugh at you…

262 (2)

You can get advice from your baby sister, or vice-versa…


You and your brother get lots of time together,
doing things like a big floor puzzle…


When you’re invited to hang out at Focus on The Family,
you and your friends get to do the sound effects
 for a recording of an Adventures in Odyssey story….


You get to jam to music…all day…

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