Thursday, November 10, 2011

Science - The Human Body "The Liver"

This week the boys learned about:
The Liver!

The liver has so many functions, we just barely scratched the surface!
Here's a look at what we did...

First Isaac put the Liver on our poster from the kit:

We went over our lesson,
and the boys worked together to fill out their workbooks.

We used a graphic organizer to list 3 functions of the liver.

Here's a very cool game I found this summer at a thrift store
called Some Body.  The boys placed the re-usable stickers onto
the body.  This was great for review!

We are just about done with this unit study.
The boys are already excited to dive into the Outer Space Unit
I have planned for after the Christmas Break!

Next week:  THE KIDNEY'S

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