Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father’s Day 2012

It just so happens, that my kids have one of the greatest father’s I know.

It is so easy to spoil him on Father’s Day, partly because he is easy to please, but mostly because we all love him so much!

The kids and I sat down last week to make these cute little books for him.  They colored the pages, drew pictures, and answered some questions about their dad.




I love what Elaina dictated to me when I asked her what makes daddy smile and she told me that daddy smiles when he kisses mommy.

She went on to add: I love dad because God tells me to, but I’d love him anyway, no matter what.



We took him out for breakfast, a very rare treat for the 6 of us.




And then later went hiking and had a picnic in the mountains.  I thought for sure it was a disaster when 10 minutes into our meal we had to pack it up and run to the van because it was hailing on us.

But Saul is so easy going.  He smiled really big at me and told me this was a great day! 

I wish I could go with the flow more like he does. 

I guess that’s what makes us a good pair…



We all took him to buy a new pair of shoes and later spoiled him with a chocolate cupcake and ice cream.

Happy Father’s Day Saul!


Sara said...

Fun!! I love the picture of the girls both looking out the corner of their eyes!!

Jenny K said...

It's the exact same way with my husband and I. I wish I could learn to be as easy going as my hubby is too. I guess someone has to do the worrying, right? :)

Sarah said...

You are so right! I think God designed us that way :)