Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tot School {31 Months}

We have way scaled back on the amount of time we have spent doing Tot School.  She hasn’t seemed very interested for a while now.  This past week her interest has picked up some.
We started off with some color work, specifically Yellow.  These are our favorite tools for learning colors:


She loves our set of Color Discovery Boxes.


She has learned how to say all of the objects in the box and had fun pointing them out to me while I called them out.


This is a Montessori set of Knobless Cylinders that is great for stacking, grading, and pre-math skills.


I am always so impressed with how well she can stack them, in the correct order too!



I found this set, Who Lives Here?  at a garage sale a few weeks ago and she loves it!  I mean! My am-ee-mals!  You have to find the matching pair under the little house.  It’s a pretty cute game.


She saw her big sis doing this Magnetic Designer and played with it a bit too.  She would scream Wook Wook I did it! whenever she moved a magnet.



She requested this Color Fishing Set and it is always a good tool for practicing color names.




This toy is a new find and she loves to play with it.  She strings, stacks, and makes the noises of all the animals.



She got to paint one day with her older sis and had so much fun making a big mess with her fingers.  She did her best to redecorate the table, her hair, and her PJ’s into a nice shade of yellow…


She still loves her Tag Jr. and is entertained by it for a much longer period of time now.



Just for Fun


We’ve been on a bit of a park – tour lately and Olivia always surprises me with how much she does and how brave she is to try new things.  I guess being the youngest of 4 means she has lots of examples to watch all the time.



Jenny K said...

So many cute learning toys! Looks like a fun week!

Allison said...

She is adorable! I so totally want those color boxes. They've been on my wishlist for quite awhile.

The Monko said...

Wow what great resources you have. I love the wooden who lives here puzzles, and the montessori knobless cylinders. You've given me some great ideas. Thanks

Michelle said...

Looks like she had lots of fun with yellow! And she's sooo cute! :) Thank you for linking in last week's High paw. Please stop by this Friday too and add your tot related posts! I'm enjoying reading and sharing them! Oh... speaking of sharing, I couldn't find your twitter or FB links on blog? You have profiles on those sites?

Sarah said...

You know what...I don't. (Should I?) I mostly just have this blog for fun and for family who live far from us. If that disqualifies me from your link-up I totally understand. Otherwise I would love to continue to link up!