Friday, June 1, 2012

Posh Princess Preschool {Letter Xx}

Letter Xx is for: Fox
We have really slowed down with school and are trying so hard to stay focused long enough to get through these last letters!  Lucky for me, Elaina is ok with a light school routine.  I ended up making another set of printables for this letter because I just couldn’t find what I wanted for her.  Here’s a look at what she did:


We did our usual, which Elaina shared with me was totally boring after 24 weeks just like it.  I guess it's time to change things up a bit!  Word Whammer, Confessions of a Homeschooler Handwritting Page, and Play-doh page with Letter X Cookie Cutter.


 She circled the "X's" in her Letter Hunt Worksheet.

And did her Wipe Clean Activity Card, and Animal Flash Cards.

She did a few things from the Letter X Lap-n-note by Homeschool Share.

Then we dove right into our Mini Fox Unit.  Before we did any reading, she and I filled in her KWL Chart,  what she already knows about Foxes and also what she wants to learn about Foxes.  We also had checked out a couple of books from the library to help us with our study: Little Foxes and FoxesThis website had some great information and so did this one for some amazing fox sounds.


This is a set of Fox Fact Cards that I made, and she really enjoyed looking at these many times throughout the week.


After reading, she and I completed the KWL chart.  I am always so amazed at the new vocabulary that comes out of these fun animal science units we've done together.  She was later telling her dad all about foxes and using words like: nocturnal, habitat, mamal, predator, and prey.  So proud!


She drew a fox in a forest.


A few more activites we did:  Fox Size Sort, and Foxes in the Box.


She wrote out some words that rhyme with fox....

And played a fun dice game with this Fox Puzzle.

She (grumpily) did the Fox Clip Cards, and asked me please to not make her do anymore of these...(Can you tell she is soooo done with school...)


We worked together to complete these Match-it Rhymes Puzzles, and also had a lot of fun reading and re-reading Fox In Socks.  I even caught her "reading" it to the baby a few times...very sweet!

We couldn't complete a fox unit with out listening to the classic folksong The Fox Went Out On A Chilly Night


The girls and I did a fun marble painting craft, though Elaina DID NOT enjoy it!  You can see by her expression below.  We will probably not repeat this craft for her….

I taped a piece of white paper inside a shallow box and then taped a “X” with blue tape.  She chose 3 colors and 6 marbles and rolled the box around to cover the paper.


She really had nothing good to say about the final product.  She wouldn’t even let me take a picture of it so the one above is Olivia’s…..drama, anyone?

She got to fly her very first kite, thanks to her awesome Uncle Cody!  She loved it until her brothers' kite got tangled up in hers and ripped it apart….I’m pretty sure everyone in the neighborhood heard how upset she was.


She’s been riding her jeep around and taking baby sis for rides too.  I can’t seem to get any pictures of them because they fly by too fast!

 I pray that providing these free printables will enrich your homeschool experience and make your planning a little easier! I would love to hear if you have used these printables. Please link back directly to my blog, not the document link provided. Thanks!

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