Monday, June 18, 2012

Posh Princess Preschool {Letter Yy}

Letter Y is for: Yellow & Yarn


This was a super short week for Elaina.  We pretty much stuck with the basics for this one as I couldn't come up with too many activities for the letter Y.

She used the Word Whammer to learn how Y sounds.  And then traced the letter Y on her Letter Y Handwriting Practice Worksheet.



She wanted to use the dough stampers with her Letter Hunt Worksheet again.


We are nearly through the set of Wipe Clean Activity Cards, and the Now I'm Reading Pre-Readers.


She surprised me and agreed to to the Letter Y Magnet Page with our home-made pom pom magnets.


We did a few of the activities from Confessions of a Homeschooler, the Yarn Size Sort, Counting Practice, and also used our Link 'N Learn Mathlinks with these cute balls of yarn.




She did all of her normal paperwork stuff too: Y Coloring page, Smallest Object Page, and Letter Hunt Page.


She requested to play with our Magnetic Designer and practiced making a few letters with it.



And just for fun she painted a yellow sun and a letter y...



And then had to put some glitter on it!


Just For Fun


It's really starting to get warm around here, so there has been lots of time in the sprinklers, on the Slip 'N Slide, and at some really fun parks.

We are planning to finish up with letter Z next week!  I have already tried to do a little bit of reading with Elaina, and that ended up in a complete we will wait and try again in a few weeks.  I will not pressure her to read before she is ready.  Both of the boys were reading by now, and this is a perfect example of how each kid is different and ready at their own pace!  I am so proud of my little Diva!

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