Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kitten Update {3 Weeks}


These little guys are starting to become mobile!  I think it has momma cat kind of worried, because she keeps moving them all over the place. 



It's pretty cute watching them walk around on their wobbly legs.  They are starting to get very curious about escaping from the box they are in, and we often find them peaking over the edge and meowing loudly, as if they are trying to break free. 





The kids keep asking when we can allow them to just run free in the house.....

And they are still hopeful to be able to talk their daddy into letting them keep at least one of the kittens.  


I think for now I like them locked up in my closet, neatly contained to an area I can manage.

(Click  here and here or go through to the blog to see these two videos if you are reading this through email.)

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