Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of Homeschool Academy

The kids have been counting down the days for this day to come all summer.

The Homeschool Academy is a once per week enrichment program offered through the local public school system.  Kind of a chance to experience “real” school, as my kids would tell you.  They are most excited about trying out hot lunch, riding the school bus for field trips, and making new friends.



I’m most excited about spending some quality time alone with the baby.


Smile please?” 

I have never ever seen as cheesy a smile as Isaac has in this picture.


They checked in with their teachers and sat patiently waiting for instructions.  Isaac was quick to find a familiar face from church, and Nate was confident to move away from his big bro.  I was doing ok stuffing my emotions down and enjoying watching them, anticipating, and silently praying over their day.  Lord, keep them safe. Nudge their spirits to do what is right.  Give them bravery and boldness to try new things, meet new friends, and not be afraid.



And then I looked over at my sweet little Elaina, and my heart broke. 

She sat so sullen and sad, looking even worried about how her day away would go.


I offered to hold her and then hugged her tight.  She sat on my lap and confessed she was worried about making a friend.

“You know, making a friend is easier than you think.  All you have to do is smile.  And share your name with them.  Ask them their name too and try to remember it.  The rest will come with time.”

She leaned into me and said she would try.  Oh, my girl….


We stayed and watched them walk single file to their classes.  Olivia reached up to grab my finger, already asking where her Isaac was.

I couldn’t even speak, my throat all choked up, and eyes welling with tears. 

So happy and excited for them.  One more step in the long process of letting go

It turns out Isaac had an Alexander kind of day.  Poor kid sobbed big crocodile tears when he saw me after school.  He got lost during lunch, missed recess, fell and got a cut on his hand, lost his brand new lunch bag, and was super upset at the idea that he may not be able to get into the Lego club.

Nothing that a bug hug and Sonic slushy can’t cure.

Nate rattled on and on about everything they did and how excited he is to go back next week.  Elaina shared she got into trouble a few times, but never had to sit in the corner.  Oh, and she made a friend!  A little boy. 

Who would have thought?

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