Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up {the black eye}

I’ll be upfront and honest.

This was not a great week.

Lots of conflict.  Lots of stress.  Lots and lots and lots of time-outs. 

I almost didn’t write this post, because frankly, I’d like to forget about this week.


It didn’t start off too bad, with my very first 5K race.  The kids had a blast playing in the park all day.


The first day of school this week, Isaac got a black eye.  From his baby sister.  I’m still not clear about how it happened (isn’t that awful!)  Something about her kicking him to get her way. 

Frankly, I’m shocked….as IF my daughter would ever have a fit to get her way {insert sarcasm here}.


We are diving deeper into the inductive Bible study technique.  The boys are learning different ways to mark key words in their study texts.


The boys learned about Hernan Cortes and Montezuma this week in history.  They both had fun learning about the different weapons that the Spanish and Aztec used in battle.



Isaac is a very mobile student.  It isn’t uncommon for me to find him in weird places doing his work.  This week, he was under the table a lot.  Sometimes, it’s the stairs, or the kitchen floor.  I used to fight it.  Now, I pick and choose when I want him to sit at the table.


Nate had a very rough week.  He did enjoy the history lessons though and I am so proud of him for drawing out a few weapons for his Make-Your-Own History Book project!


Elaina was cracking me up all week with her random “survey” taking.  I have no idea what she was graphing here, but I love her initiative to do something creative in her own down-time!



We are still working through our basic ABC review.  I tried to push her a bit to read.  Nope .  Not yet….


She’s also working through her Critical Thinking Book.  This week was a lot with interlocking cubes.



Olivia stayed busy with lots and lots of coloring….




And sorting. 

We found out early in the week that we have to move again.  This could have been part of why this week felt so awful.  I was pretty distracted looking for a new place to live, and we had to be out of the house a bunch to look at different houses. 


The kids did get to go on their first field trip with The Homeschool Academy, to the School in the Woods.  They all loved it and had so much fun riding on the bus.  Funny…I don’t ever remember thinking that riding the bus was fun..…oh well.

We are looking forward to having some down time this weekend.  It may be our last one to relax for a while, as we will be busy packing and moving after this.

Pray for me please?  I’m gonna need it….


Chris Tilley said...

We had a stressful week here too. My wife decided the family needed a treat tonight so she ordered us pizza. No cooking for me! Next week is a new week. I will keep you in our prayers.

Sarah said...

We had pizza too! Nothing like a night off from cooking :) Thanks for the prayers!