Tuesday, September 11, 2012

FREE Calendar Journal Printables

We’re keeping things simple with our Calendar routine this year.  This is our 3rd year with our flip chart, and each of the kids is very familiar with how to use it.  We are keeping it as part of our day though, to reinforce basic skills for my Kindergartner.

Last year, I made each of the kids a very simple monthly calendar and calendar journal to fill in each day. They each have their own 3-ring binder that they decorated last year that holds this page along with the journal pages.

This year, I've spiced it up a bit, and have it here to share with you all for FREE!

Calender Journal

Elaina is using this Calendar Journal page.  I am still deciding if I want to laminate it so that she can re-use it every day rather than print off and store (or throw away) all of those pages.  If you like that idea but don't have a laminator, you can slip it in a page protector and then write on it with dry-erase markers.


In the inside of each binder is a (color coded) pocket with: a mini dry-eraser, 2 dry erase markers, and a pencil.  These tools stay in with the calendar, and each student is responsible for taking good care of their supplies.

Click to print your own:  Calendar Journal

Calender Months

This is the Monthly Calendar that all the kids use.  They fill in each month and the year at the top, and then every day they add the date. This page is laminated for re-usability and easier correction of mistakes, and 3-hole punched to place into the binders.

Click to print your own:  Monthly Calendar
Calendar Practice Worksheet2

This is the worksheet that the boys are using to practice writing the days of the week, the date, and the code date.

Click to print your own: Calendar Practice Worksheet

Calendar Journal Title Page
Use this page as a title page and slip it in the front of your 3 ring binder after your child has colored it and written their name on it.

Click to print your own:  My Calendar Journal Title Page
This year we have added a new element to our morning Circle Time/Calendar Time routine: Spanish Circle Time.  The boys are really excited about this!  You can read about what we do and get all of the free printables to go along with it here.
Mi Calendario
Click to print your own: Spanish Calendar Journal
Our Circle Time/ Calendar Time is only about 15 minutes first thing in the morning. Because of my rambunctious toddler, we have to make the most of our time in the morning, and can't spend a lot of time doing too much extra stuff.  In addition to singing the songs on the flip chart and filling out the journals, we usually read a picture book together, and sometimes do a short devotion.  I use this time as an opportunity to train my kids how to be polite and take turns in a group setting.  I even require them to raise their hands and sit still (enough) so as not to be a distraction to the others.  I am finding that the older kids love to teach the younger two (responsibility), and they also volunteer to read out loud in front of the group (public speaking skills!)  Aside from all of these reasons, there are many others why we incorporate this daily, including learning to follow directions and getting focused before book work begins. 

If you’d like to see how other homeschools do their Calendar Time, check out:
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 They each have wonderful free printables and lots of extra fun ideas to incorporate.

How about you?  How do you do Calendar Time in your homeschool?

I pray that providing these free printables will enrich your homeschool experience and make your planning a little easier! I would love to hear if you have used these printables. Please link back directly to my blog, not the document link provided. Thanks!


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This is so awesome! Thank you!!

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seriously. this is the best calendar journal. thank you so much for making it available for printing! free resources make teaching from home possible. thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Love these so much!! Thank you!! Just printed them off today!