Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up {Legos & Time-Outs}

Overall, this has been a pretty great week.

We are still not up to our full schedule though, because we are waiting to get our science curriculum in.  I’m actually wondering if we should switch things up, and focus heavily on history for this first semester, and then science the second semester.  As it is now, we are doing a full 4+ hours each day, and I can’t imagine adding in science on top of it.

Here’s a look at what the kids are up to:


Isaac has been diving into fractions.  He is a very eager math learner and loves to learn new skills.  Lucky for me, math comes pretty naturally for him, so teaching him is easy!


The boys are LOVING this inductive Bible study we are doing.  Not only has it been fun to study the Word together, it is fast becoming a great new tool for them to study on their own.  They are way ahead of me – I didn’t start to study the Bible until I was a teenager.



We spent some time talking about 9/11, reading and listening (on CD) this wonderful book, FIREBOAT


I’m starting to see the results of using this Sequential Spelling book. The boys are recalling these spelling words and making more educated guesses about how to spell words they don’t know.  Nate is turning into a little spelling champ!


As part of their day at the Homeschool Academy each Wednesday, the kids get to be part of a club of their choosing.  The boys were thrilled when they found out they were in the Lego club, and have been busy creating since then. This is the Deep Diver 2000.


Isaac has become (mildly) obsessed with Garfield.  I think it’s funny how he walks around the house, reading us each different parts of the comic, and then laughing hysterically!  He’s been leaving these cute drawings around the house, which of course, I LOVE! Smile


Elaina did more time-telling practice with this cute clock


Lots of ABC review….And she did her first dot-to-dot!

We counted pennies for some hands-on money learning.
And laced buttons as part of our Corduroy unit.



Olivia was quite a handful this week….There were lots of “time-out” sessions as we work through teaching her to wait her turn patiently.


She made me so proud when one afternoon she asked to color, lined up all of the crayons, and then named them all correctly.  Boo, Wewow, Purpo, Gween, Orangee, Pink…Well, mostly correct!


She watched “The Band” a lot this week, as a distraction during morning school.  And asked for a “pop-i-pul” for snack every afternoon.


The weather is really cooling down, so we’ve been doing a lot of baking around here, including this pumpkin cake, and this yummy bread


My very first 5K is tomorrow.  I am a complete wreck thinking about it.  It could be because of reading this and this.  I’m not sure why I have such irrational fears.  I’ve been training all summer for this, and I know I’ll be so proud of myself when it’s done.

That’s about it around here.  What have you been up to this week?


Full Time Wife Life said...

Good luck on your 5k! And I agree with you! Stick with history in the fall (when you can focus on Thanksgiving and things) and then move to science in the spring when the weather is better for fun projects!

Dawn said...

Awesome week. I think it is just fine to do science on semester and history the other.
Blessings, Dawn

Nichole said...

What a busy week! I'm trying to figure out where to fit science in, too. I like your idea about making spring more science-heavy. Good luck on your 5K!

Stef Layton said...

GOOD LUCK I'm starting C25K Monday!!

Sarah said...

Thank you! I feel like I'm gonna need all the luck I can get :)

Sarah said...

Yea..The more I think about it, the more the idea grows on me. It completely changes my plans for the year (and ALL that time I spent organizing our units to match our science...) Oh well. Flexibility to change is a good thing. Right?

Sarah said...

I think we could fit it in...but not every day. I feel like I'm just always trying to figure out how to juggle it all in the amount of time I want to get everything done in ;)

Mary said...

Hahaha- love the Garfield pictures!

Jenny K said...

Looks like a great week. My little guy is going through a challenging time right now as well. By the end of the day when my hubby gets home I am seriously in need of a hug! Hehe.

That pumpkin bread looks so yummy!