Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tot School {32 Months}

MeandMyTot box

We’re back into our normal routine, and Olivia has been enjoying it. 

Here’s a look at what she’s been up to:


Lots and lots of coloring.  On paper and herself….



She asked to use the scissors.  She did pretty well, but still ended up just ripping the paper instead…


She still loves to stack...


And played a lot with these magnetic counting chips.


We read Polar Bear, Polar Bear a ton (with our zoo unit).  She has memorized the book, and especially loves the page with the Boa Constrictor, making hissing noises when she gets to it.  We used these story telling prompts nearly everyday.


A bit of puzzle work with this set….


And played with the Red Discovery Box and Red Knobless Cylinders.



I set out some red foam counters for her to tweeze into a mini ice cube tray.


She did really well, and has been asking to “weeze” everything now.

She and Elaina played squiggly worms


And she tweezed some red pom poms onto a magnet page.



We put together this cute magnetic alphabet book a few times…


And she became pretty attached to these little white pom poms, and carried them around all day calling them her babies.



She did very well matching up the teddy bears with this patterning set...


 And totally shocked me with participating in this cute Farm Animal Bingo game on CD.

Just for Fun

We went on a fun family picnic and hike where she got to do a little tree and rock climbing.  She is growing up so fast and bravely tried to do everything her siblings did.  She is the most motivated and determined child of the four of them, and spoiled so much by us all!



Tanya said...

How do you do it all? I can't believe how much you are able to fit in with all four of your kiddos!! Do you do the same activities every day (or however many days you do tot school), or do you choose a new set of activities every tot school day?

Love the pics of the two girls together :)

Lisa said...

Coming over to visit from the Weekly Wrap-Up at WUH. Your daughter accomplished so much this week! What wonderful photos. :-) I just love hands-on experiences that encourage a love of learning. Just awesome. :-))) Hope you had a good weekend.

Lilac said...

These activities look like a lot of fun. My kids love using tweezers for everything too. I also really like storytelling prompts. So many great ideas!

Sarah said...

It's a mixture of both child-lead activities and stuff I set out weekly. This post is from the past two weeks. Somedays she is motivated to do a lot of activities and others she just plays while we school. Thanks for stopping by again!

Sarah said...

I just realized I linked up the wrong link to the Wrap-Up...bummer! So glad you stopped by though!

Nicole Walter said...

Wow what a fun list of activities! Last week was our first partial week back into our full routine, it went great except we ended the week with the flu going through almost the whole house :( I especially love your hike, my kid's favorite activity is always our weekly outing, I can't imagine how much my boys would enjoy climbing rock some of those rocks!! Look forward to seeing what your up to next week :) Hope you have a wonderful week!!

Sarah said...

Thanks! I wish I had more story telling prompts because my kids love them!

Sarah said...

Oh no! I'm totally expecting that we are due to get sick soon....I guess it's part of back to school even when you homeschool :)

My kids LOVED climbing those rocks - they are already asking to go back. Hope your week is great too!