Saturday, September 1, 2012

Moments To Remember {Kitchen Helpers}

I’ve been lazy lately about letting the kids help me in the kitchen.

Which I know is bad, because they all love to do it, and I really want to foster their interest and skills with cooking. I’m not sure if it’s because I always feel too busy, or just want to avoid the extra mess that seems to naturally occur with kids in the kitchen.


Not that I’m afraid of a bit of a mess.  (Just ask my mother and husband who will tell you I am a very messy cook…) 

It’s the extra mess that I don’t want to clean up.  Because that is my worst chore of the day.
And since we are at home all the time, and eat three meals a day here plus a couple snacks, the kitchen just racks up a big ol’ mess everyday.

My moment to remember this week was taking the time to cook with the kids. What an opportunity I have, right at my fingertips to nurture their natural curiosity, foster their eagerness to spend time with me, and encourage their heart to be helpful.  Please, Lord…help me remember this when I’m feeling too busy for these 8 little hands, who just want to be part of something more…

How could I deny those ADORABLE faces? {grins}

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