Thursday, September 15, 2011

Calendar Journals

Here is how we are teaching the kids about Calendars.
We have a large calendar up on the wall, that they each take turns adding the days to. 
I also made each of them a Calendar Journal. 

They each got to decorate their own book...

The boys have 3 pages that they do each day of school:

1.) A Monthly Calendar Page that they make at the start of each month. 
They add the current date.
2.)  Write out the Date Page where they practice
writing the Day of the week, The Date, and the Code Date.
3.)  100 Days of School Count Down Page
Even though we are in school more than 100 days,
it is a fun activity that they enjoyed last year. 
(We had a little 100 day celebration too!)

The Diva has only 2 pages to do.  She traces over the pre-printed calendar each month.
And colors in the box for what day of school we are in for the 100 day count down.

So far our new system is going well.  At first the boys needed a
little help remembering what to do,
 but now they are pretty independent with it.

I also have a little Weather Chart next to the
Calendar that the kids take turns filling out.

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