Thursday, September 22, 2011

Math with Cuisinair Rods

This week I got out our set of Cuisenaire Rods for the boys to play with.
We have several new math concepts that I will be introducing to them this year,
many of which will be utilizing these rods.
My intentions were mostly to allow them a time to "play" with them, build with them,
and then give them a simple assignment using the rods.
They had so much fun,
they ended up spending over an hour on the assignment I gave them! 
(Just another wonderful example of why we homeschool...)

We got the rods out and I showed them that
each color represents a specific length.

Then they started by measuring out how many rods of one color
equaled rods of another color.

Then they wrote down the equation for each on our dry erase board.
For example, 1 Red = 1 Purple+1 Green.

Their equations got longer and longer...

And so did the formulas...

Until they made an equation that wrapped all the way around the dinning room table.
The formula they wrote down for that was
1 Table = (you can see in the picture...all the rods we own!)

These rods are a great way to introduce all kinds of
basic and abstract math concepts, especially if you have hands-on kids like I do.

Great Job Boys!

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