Friday, September 2, 2011

Posh Princess Preschool - Letter A

We had a wonderful first week of school!
My plans this year for preschool are to introduce a new letter
and letter sound every week. 
I have a few special themes and weeks for holiday fun planned as well.
She will also participate in our Character Building Bible Study,
learn some basic math, a few fun science projects, and lots and lots of play!
Here are some of the things the Diva did this week...

Letter A:  for Apple, Animals, Alligators

She learned how to write upper and lower case letter A.
We practiced saying the sound of the letter too.
Here she is doing a worksheet from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

She did her Play-doh mat with her favorite color: Pink!

Here she is doing a magnet sheet from Making Learning Fun, A is for Apples.
Earlier this summer, we made these cute pom-pom magnets that she is using.
(Just glued small magnets to sparkly pom-poms from $1 bin a Target.)

She learned a couple of new songs, one of which was 10 Little Apples,
and read lots of "A" themed books.

She colored an Apple page...

Stamped the letter A with these Follow-the-Dots Letter Stamps...

Made an A out of these Lakeshore Learning Gear Builders...

Did an Airplane page from our Shape Shuffle game...

She practiced writing her name...

We played her favorite game: The Golden Apple.
(I always try to get her to follow the rules with this one,
but she really loves to just pretend play with the horses!)

She loves to do puzzles, and she did several this week,

She did her letter A hunt...

More letter A practice with these Priddy Book Flashcards...

We did this cute Alligator poem, and then made an alligator craft.

We made these Letter A and Apple cookies for our snack the first day of school.
All of the kids loved them!

I am so proud of Elaina's enthusiasm and diligence this week! 
I wasn't expecting her to want to do school every day,
but she was so excited about
"learning those letter's and things, you know, like A..B...C"

Great job, my l'il Diva!

Next Week:  Letter B


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Good job Elaina! Grandma is proud of you!!!

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