Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tot School - 19 months

This is our official first week of school!  My plan was to introduce the Baby to a few of the Letter-of-the-Week activities that The Diva would be doing.  The idea though, is to follow the Baby's lead, and just learn through play!  Here are a few of the things we did this week...

This week was letter A for Animals.

I set out a tub of our Lakeshore Magnetic Animals.
She practiced putting them together and taking them apart again.
We worked on animal sounds too.

When I brought out this beading set by Melissa and Doug, (similar to this one) 
she got really excited (you can see in the picture!)

She set herself to lacing right away.

Then we stacked the wooden blocks, and knocked them over.
She loved this!

We turned it into a necklace, which she didn't really enjoy...

I had prepared a book basket with "A" is for Animal theme.
She loves her books, and I often find her paging through book after book.

Mostly she just dumped out all of the pieces and then stacked them back in.

She played a lot with our tub of  Lakeshore Learning Gear Builders.

Playing Hide-and-Seek!

Yummy snack: Letter A cookie!

She did her best to "tutor" Isaac for his math lesson...

and gave lots of kitty love!

Next week:  Letter B is for Bugs!

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