Thursday, September 15, 2011

Circle Time

I thought it would be fun to post about our morning Circle Time!
I've had these videos for a while, and contemplated re-making them,
since there was a certain, theatrical participant who was
 less than cooperative that morning. 
Then I remembered - well, she is dramatic every morning,
and re-doing them would be silly! 
Hope you enjoy them!

This first video is our Good Morning Song...

This next video is our Spanish Song, "Buenos Dias".
We learned it last year, and the kids still love to sing it!

After that we sing the Name-O song, to practice how to spell
all the names of our family members. 
We also occasionally practice grandparents, aunts, and uncles too.
I love how The Baby has already figured out how to get involved!

It's Elaina's job to choose the color of the day.
After she places it on the board, we spell the color,
and look around for that color in the room.

Here is the song, Every Week. 
It's Nate's job to find the day of the week and place it on the board.
(notice The Diva is a cat licking!)

And another Days of the Week song to the tune of
The Adams Family...

Then we sing the Months of the Year song.
Isaac surprised me with remembering this dance from his
preschool days...too cute!

That's how we start off most of our school days!
We also do our Calender Journals first thing and then usually
go right into our praise time and Bible Study.

Hope you had fun joining us for our morning Circle Time!

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