Monday, February 27, 2012

The Celery Experiment

Here’s a fun science experiment that every kid should do: 
The Celery Experiment! 
This project is a great way to teach kids about how plants absorb water through osmosis.


All of these supplies came from our Primary Science Set,
 but you could easily do it with regular household items.


What You Need:
Water in a glass jar  
Blue Food Coloring
If you have a magnifying glass, grab one of those too. 
It’s fun to look at the celery through it.


Goofy goggles are optional…


First, we talked about the celery. 
What color it was, what it looked like, the different parts to the celery. 
 Then we looked at it through a magnifying glass. 
 I also cut the end off of the slice so that Elaina could see a cross section of it. 


We talked about how the celery gets water when it grows in the ground. 
 For comparison we talked about how we get water differently than plants do. 
Then I had Elaina add the coloring to the jar. 
I had her use the eye dropper, just because it seemed fun! 
Then we made predictions about what would happen if we put the celery in the blue water. 
 Would it “drink” up the water?  Would it change color? 




We placed one celery in a glass jar with blue coloring,
and one in a glass jar with plain water for comparison.


Be sure to taste the celery…for quality control purposes!


Watch as the celery changes colors! 
Which happens pretty fast if you use enough food coloring. 
 Ours changed in a couple of hours. 


Now marvel at your scientific expertise!


The Popes said...

Josie just got this set for her birthday and we are loving it! The first week she just liked playing with straight water and pretending she was doing experiments. We did the Dancing Raisin one today and it was really neat!

Jenny K said...

That's awesome! Need to that with my little one soon. :)