Friday, February 10, 2012

Posh Princess Preschool - Letter Oo

By my original plans, we should be nearly done with the
letter-of-the-week curriculum. 
Life has really postponed us this year!  Oh, well.... 

This week we started off with a fun shape game. 
Elaina already knows her shapes well,
 but she loves this activity and asked to do it instead of her ABC review. 


 This set is from Lakeshore Learning.  All 4 containers are labeled with a shape
 and contain 4 items with that same shape inside them. 
She emptied them all into a large bucket, and then reached in
 to grab an item and place it into the correct container. 
She started off by throwing them, but got frustrated with
 her bad aim and decided to just place them in instead.


Of course we used our Word Whammer


And worksheet from Confessions of a Homeschooler


Letter O Play-doh page and Letter O cookie cutter



I had her use these “O” shaped cereal pieces for her magnet page. 


I saw these cute cupcakes on Pinterest and had to try to make them. 
 Honestly, ours look more like bugs than owls, but “Who” cares? 


We have this cute Oreo Game that she played…



Working through her maze book…


And number book.  This week she did number 7.


She did an amazing job on this 100 piece Ocean Floor Puzzle from Melissa and Doug.


We got out our eeboo Lacing Cards. (LOVE eeboo!)



We worked through a few sets of these sequencing cards
and labeled them beginning, middle, end. 
She did these pretty easily, so we may not come back and do the rest of them.



She had fun playing with this Magnetic Field and wand
 It was a good chance to talk about what kinds of things are magnetic. 
She grabbed a few of her toys and checked to see if they were magnetic or not.



To go along with our Ocean theme, she did this cute magnetic counting book with fish...


And then played Sounds of the Seashore
 She is supposed to turn the purple shells over and play it memory style,
but this girl doesn’t like to do it that way!  Oh, well….


She holds the seashell up to her ear to listen to the sound…


And then places the correct shell into the back of the big seashell. 
We all have loved this game!


We played a few more games to go along with our theme, both I highly recommend. 
 We played them in the evenings after supper to avoid the T.V. as much as possible. 
 I also like ending the day with that special time as a family!

She colored an Octopus…

And surprised me by asking to cut it out!



Letter O hunt…


Smallest object page…


I’ve had these extra pages for her each week,
 but she has never wanted to do them. 
She blew me away by trying to write the sentence!  So proud!


She got to spend some great time with Saul this past week,
 and followed him around like a lost puppy dog! 


We had a big snow storm here.  She had a blast sledding down the hill in our backyard! 
 I love this picture of her – I think she looks like a little Eskimo girl!

Elaina Snow Bunny 2

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Annette {This Simple Home} said...

Oh my! I love those owl cupcakes. Very cute! If you like owls, you might be interested in my heart owl craft. It's pretty cute, but I'm biased. :)

Allison said...

Looks like a fun week! I've been wanting that shape set from Lakeshore for awhile now-cool!

Jenny K said...

You have so many fun learning games!

Brittney said...

What a fun week! I love all of your hands-on activities. We played with magnets this week too.

Phyllis said...

You have picked out such lovely materials for her to work with. You are quite a talented teacher, that is clear!