Saturday, February 18, 2012

Serious Silliness

If you’ve spent any amount of time with me,
you’d know that I always have a crazy story to tell.
A house full of wild and rambunctious kids is the perfect recipe for some kind of disaster,
and a funny story is likely to follow it.

  I’ve kept a journal of these funny events,
and cute things that the kids have said since the boys were just toddlers
and Elaina was a babe in my belly.
Call me loony, but I’d much rather remember these crazy events
than all the hard ones that have turned my hair (ahem) gray!
I’m going to add this new meme to my blog:
Serious Silliness!
Serious Silliness

It will be a collection of funny telling's, past and/or present,
 straight from my journal
of what’s been going on ‘round these parts.
Hope you all enjoy them.
 And appreciate what I’m going through around here…haha!

1.  Overheard: Nate telling Isaac jokes, his giggles just make me smile!
"Hey Isaac, why does an elephant use his trunk for a bookmark?"
"I dunno.  Why?"
"So he NOSE where he left off!"
Followed by a belly rolling, fall to the ground, hysterical laughing,
while Isaac just stood there trying to "get" the joke...
(ages 7 and 7 1/2)

2.  Isaac, who is ALWAYS creating a new invention,
came into my room this evening while I was folding clothes. 
"Look at my new invention Mom!
It's an ant catcher, but it also grows the brains of the ants." 
Wondering why we would ever need ants with bigger brains,
I asked him why he thought to make this new machine.
  "Because Mom.  Ants are going extinct."
They Are? 
"Yes Mom.  They are being eaten alive by anteaters! 
We must do something to save them! 
Making their brains bigger will help the ants know how to fight back." 
Oh boy!
(age 7 1/2)

3.  I found Elaina sitting on the toilet and reading her Bible.
"What are you doing Missy?" I asked.
"I'm reading the 10 Command-blets.
It's the best book ever! 
I love that girl!
(age 3 1/2)

4.  "How can you hear me with all that hair in your ears?"
(Isaac, age 5)

5. "Ipsey, ipsey spider, up the water thing.
Down is the rain and do dee da dada.
Up to the sun and doo de dadada,
And the ipsey, ipsey spider
doo de dada daaa."
(Elaina, singing to Olivia, ages 3, and 5 months)

6.  Nate: "What is sunscreen for?"
Dad: "It protects your skin."
Nate: "Oh. So it's like a force-field."
(age 5)

7.  I asked Elaina one day during Tot School,
"How'd you get so smart?"
To which she pointed to her head and said,
"I've got a lot of ingredients in here!" sure do sweetheart!
(age 3 1/2)

8. "Mom, your better than chocolate cake!"
(Nate, age 6)

9.  Isaac recently graduated to Kids Jam in church (Children's Church).
He LOVES it!  He talks about it all the time.
When Saul asked him today about it, Isaac said,
"It's called Kids Jam, but don't worry Dad. 
They don't actually turn kids into Jam.  That would be sick."
I think I'm understanding his initial hesitation to going there....
(age 5)

10.  Elaina announced to her brothers today,
while she was pushing them out of her room,
"No humans allowed in here!"
When Isaac told her that she was a human, she yelled back,
"I'm not a human!  I'm a LADY!"
(age 3)


Hope you had a few good laughs!  Until next time....
Do you have any funny memories you can share?

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Jenny K said...

Love this new addition to your blog! Definitely gave me some good chuckles this morning.

You know I'm sure I do have lots of things like this too, but I haven't gotten in the habit of recording them like this. But I should!