Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Serious Silliness 2

I had so much fun with this new meme I’ve added! 
 Here is the next little bit from my journal! 
(If you missed the first one and want to check it out, click here.)


1. “Thanks dog.  But I don’t want your slobber.” 
-Elaina, age 3

2.  Nate asked me today, “How much does it cost to fly on an airplane?” 
 I told him it depended on where he was flying to. 
 Then he said, “Paradise.  I want to fly to Paradise.” 
 Join the club Nate! 
 -Nate, age 4

3.  Overheard after Elaina ran from the bathroom to her bedroom completely naked:
Nate: “Ewe sick!  I NEVER want to see another naked girl for the rest of my life!” 
Isaac:  “Don’t worry Nate.  When you get as old as Dad, you’ll be seeing lots of naked girls!”  Seriously….where do they get this stuff? 
 -Isaac, age 5,  Nate, age 5, Elaina, age 2

4.  Caught Elaina singing “I’ve got PEAS in my river”  (Peace like a River) 
-Elaina, age 3

5.  “Hey Dad, when you get as old as Grandma your neck will be squishy.” 
-Isaac, age 5

6.  After a crazy morning, I sat down to do school with Elaina,
 who calmly told me, “You’re like a damsel in distress Mom.” 
-Elaina, age 4

7.  Chocolate is too good to waste on squirels.”  
  -Nate, age 6

8.  “God still loves the villians.”
 –Elaina, age 4

9.  “Hey Dad,”  Isaac thoughtfully told his father one day. 
 “You know it’s okay if you eat me after I die.” 
 “What?!”  Saul asked him.  “Why would I want to eat you?” 
“Because Dad, you might get hungry!” 
 “Thanks Isaac, but your too tasty for me!” 
 -Isaac, age 6

10.  I overheard Elaina singing a song she made for me: 
 “I love my Mom. 
She is so crazy. 
She makes me brush her hair,
 and eat spaghetti!” 
 I asked her if she made that song up in her head. 
 “No Mom.  In my heart!” 
 sooo sweet!!! 
 -Elaina, age 3

See you next round!  What funny stories do you have to tell?


Brittney said...

hahaha these are fantastic!!

I had one today. The boys woke up in the middle of the night (wee hours of the morning?) and as I put them back to bed I said "Goodnight my babies." My youngest, 2, said "We are NOT babies." I said "Oh, you're not a baby are you?" He said "I'm an Emory!"

It was cute...and kind of sad!

Jenny K said...

I'll take a ticket to paradise too, please!