Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My God is Faithful! (Part 2: Our Miracle Story)

His Gift

I was so excited after I hung up the phone.  She would be sending out a packet of information for us to fill out and send back.  I called Saul, and then my Mom, and told them everything.  Interviews, physicals, a Home Study, and lots of paperwork.  A class in mid-October.  We could be ready to go before the new year started. 

And we were.

Everything after that seemed to flow easily.  Effortlessly.  Full of a new found hope, life was joyful and exciting.  Waiting was hard though.

We were called several times over the next four months about potential adoption opportunities.  We took each as an opportunity to pray for a sweet little baby to have their forever home, whether it be with us, or another family.  In return we were filled with peace when we were not selected.  One phone call in April was different though.  My heart told me it was different.  A mom had looked at our profile and wanted to meet us!  She was expecting a baby boy and was due in 3 weeks. 

Its a boy!
We used this Easter Egg to tell our family we were officially "expecting"!
 I can’t recall ever being so nervous.  What should I wear?  What should I talk about?  How can I make her like me more?  What if she changes her mind. 

Then that slow, low whisper…..you have to trust me child. 

So I did.  And He worked through the details in a way that only a Mighty, Heavenly Creator, could.  The birth parents had many similarities to us. Some in looks, others in interests and abilities.  The birth mother expressed her desire for us to share in the birth, to be with her and labor, to cut the cord.  I can not in words describe the joy that overwhelmed me, to be invited to such a personal, monumental experience.  One I wasn’t sure I would ever have the privilege to have.

And then, just 3 weeks later, we were with her.  Walking the halls.  Chatting to pass the hours.  Loving her.  Praying hard.  And trusting God to work out the rest. 

His wail pierced the air about 15 hours later.  The lump in my throat hurt so bad, I couldn’t swallow it back.  Saul went to her side to cut the cord, tears falling down his rough, unshaven cheeks.  She held him lovingly for a moment or two and motioned for me to get closer.  And there he was, a beautiful bald, blue eyed bundle.  Happy Mother’s Day, she whispered.  And as tears ran down my face, she handed him to me.  Our son.  Our Miracle.  Our Isaac.

Isaac and Mommy
Our first picture together, you can see my tears of joy! 
There wasn't a dry eye in the whole room.

Isaac, who was God’s promise to Abraham and Sarah.  Isaac, whose name means “laughter”, our first response to the news of our new addition, a laugh full of joy.  Isaac, a son who turned us into a family.

For Sarah 025

The hours, and days, and weeks that followed, I remember them all.  How I rushed to his room the minute he started to cry.  How he would nap on my chest, his head snuggled into my neck.  How all of our family and friends came to welcome him.  How we surprised our church when we showed up with a blue little bundle in our arms that first Sunday morning, my first Mother’s Day.

pictures late 2004 017
Isaac, our sweet little blue eyed bundle of boy,
God's love wrapped up in a blanket...

By the time he was three months old, I had gone back to working once a week.  We’d found our new routine, and were loving this new life of family we’d been given.  Isaac was the picture of health, and his adoption was moving along smoothly.  When he was four months old, I got a call from our case worker.  Figuring it was just a check-up call, I answered with no expectations.

I know Isaac is only 4 months old, and his adoption is not yet final.  And this isn’t something we normally do.  But would you consider adopting another baby?  You see, we have a birth mom who is Hispanic and desires a Hispanic family for her baby.  Yours is the only one I can offer to her. 

I really didn’t know how to answer her.  Had I heard her right?  She wanted us to adopt another baby?  Now?  I somehow managed to compose myself and ask her if I could call her back, after discussing it with Saul.

Another baby?  Really?  I could feel myself getting excited….

(To be continued…)


Sarah said...

I know the rest of the story...but am still waiting with baited breath (and tears)! Sarah you are a fantastic writer and I am so glad you are sharing your story! Love you!

Sara said...

Oh my goodness I am LOVING your story!!!! Can't wait to hear the rest!