Thursday, February 16, 2012

My God is Faithful! (Our Miracle Story: Part 4)

I was totally blown away…

I remember it vividly.  The complete shock.  The excitement and hope.  The joy.  And overwhelming gratitude.

When we discovered it was a girl, I was elated.  A princess was just what our family needed!  My pregnancy with her was very hard, and though I was exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to be pregnant, it became very apparent to me that God knows best, and He planned for my pregnancy to come after we had adopted the boys for a good reason. 

The day she was born was an amazing experience.  I’d become a mom through the gift of another woman.  I’d been the one waiting, watching, and wishing.  Now it was me, and I loved every minute of it.  Even when in the end we were in the O.R. and I heard her cry from across the room, and I told Saul to let go of my hand and go to her, it was me, and from me that she came into the world.  What an honor to experience motherhood from both sides….


She was perfectly pink, with round cheeks, and dark curly hair.  A spitting image of her daddy…and I was in love again!  Elaina means “light”, and that is truly what she is to our family.  A light of hope.  The twinkle in our eye.  I could hardly let her go and didn’t really want to share her at all.  Saul was certain she would never walk since I carried her all the time.

Elaina and Mommy
Me and my girl the day we went home.
Holding her felt like I was holding my life long dream fulfilled.

Nathaniel and Elaina.
Life with three kids in 2 years was insane.  I’m pretty sure I was a little bit crazy, but honestly I don’t have a lot of memories of that time.  Thank goodness for pictures.  Busy was an understatement. Overwhelmed was more like it.  But grateful.  Oh so grateful! 

How was it that I had earned the privilege to mother these 3 beautiful healthy babies? 

Just after Nate turned 3, Saul got a job transfer.  So we sold our house and moved to a new town.  I got a new job too, and we bought our second home.  Life was still very busy and I was working hard to enjoy every minute of it. 

Elaina Marie with a tiny bow.
She was a princess from the very beginning!

The three of them in our bed.
The boys crawled into bed with us nearly every morning.
I always loved this special time snuggled together before the busyness of the day started.

When Isaac was in preschool, I started having thoughts towards homeschooling, and began doing so much more intentional training and educating during our days.  I was going through all of our baby things to sell, when my mom jokingly said, “You know this is great way to make sure you get pregnant again.  Sell all of your baby things.”
And you know what? 

She was right.

Just a week later I found out I was pregnant!

That’s right.  The woman who was told she was not going to get pregnant, was now pregnant again!  In just 5 quick years, we would have 4 beautiful children.  Isn’t our God AMAZING? 

My pregnancy this time around was really rough again.  We had too many trips to the hospital to count.  I could barley walk from a neurological complication.  Dealing with all that, while homeschooling, and having three children ages 5 and under was emotionally challenging and physically exhausting. 

But it was so worth it!  Olivia was born a month early, but strong and healthy.  A tiny, fair- skinned beauty, she instantly melted our hearts.  I’ll never forget Nate touching her face over and over, trying to figure out if she was real.  Olivia, which means Peaceful, a fervent prayer of mine for nine months.  Lord knew I didn’t need any more drama in my life!  We brought her home, so happy to have her in our arms, our family complete. 



Who would have ever guessed that God would grow our family this way?  And now that I have it, I can’t imagine it any other way. 

It’s just perfectly planned….God’s way!

It is, and will always be my prayer that by sharing our story, we can show to the world how God can and does work mightily, and is still performing miracles today!  Though often we had been told, that all we needed to do was just "relax", we see things so differently. No amount of "relaxing" could have cured the medical reason we had not conceived.  Only trusting and believing in the God who faithfully, lovingly, provides for us could "cure" our infertility.  It was only through an active trusting acceptance of His plan and purpose on our lives that allowed the blessings to overflow.  We would have never chosen first to adopt, and truly believe in God's perfect timing.  How else could you describe this amazing encounter of our family of Miracles?  To God be the glory! 


Sara said...

Thank you for sharing your story Sarah! It was a blessing to read and something I needed right now. Your babies are precious by the way!!!

Jenn said...

What a wonderful testament of love and faith! Your children are beautiful! I love the photo of the three kiddos in bed and also the close-up that sweet baby girl face:) Thanks for sharing your story.

Donna Crane said...

Sarah - Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives. You and Saul have been blessed abundantly. So many prayers were lifted up and He truly answered them more than we asked or imagined. Your beautiful children couldn't have a better momma or daddy. Everything turned our perfect! I still tear up thinking about your 1st Mother's Day. I miss you... Love, Donna