Saturday, April 7, 2012

Moments to Remember {Nate & Maycee}

My boy loves to read.

He will read any chance he gets, and is especially eager to spend his afternoons reading.  After a recent trip to the library, and more books than he could carry, I found him laying on the sofa, with the kitty across his chest. 

Nate and Maycee

You can add this to the already long list of reasons why I love homeschooling, and why it’s worth all the hard work and trying days.  Seeing my son have an active love for literature and developing it himself

This is my Moment to Remember for the week.

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Sara said...

So sweet!! Love it! My boy is the same way with the books AND the cat!!!

The Fifth Street Mama said...

Oh he is just adorable! My boy has lovely dark hair as well... and many holes in his jeans. :)

Joan Concilio Otto said...

I LOVE IT! Good for him. I occasionally (like, weekly, except when I forget) host a "reading roundup" link-up on my blog, so if you have more posts sharing this love of reading, feel free to stop by and link up! :)

Jenny K said...

That is a very sweet sight. :)