Thursday, April 12, 2012

Posh Princess Preschool {Letter Ss}

Letter Ss is for: Spider

I originally had planned a snow unit for the letter S, but since we have been having ridiculously warm weather, it just seemed like we should wait and do the unit next winter instead.  So spiders it was.  Which did not appease Elaina.  “You know Mom, spiders kinda…well…freak me out!”

Oh.  Ooops.


We did the normal letter of the week stuff: Word Whammer, Handwriting Worksheet from Confessions of a Homeschooler, and Play-doh page with Cookie Cutter.

She is loving these Letter Hunt Worksheets from COAH.  She used white pom poms to make it snow on the letter S’s.

Our main book this week was The Spider and The Fly, which has amazing illustrations.  Most of our activities are centered around the book.


She did spider and fly counting with this is a cute activity from Making Learning Fun.  Spider webs with a numbered spider on them.  She placed the correct amount of flies on the webs.



She laced a spider too.


We played a Roll-and-Graph game with these Spider Math Mats , Bug Counters set, and our photo cubes.




She did some spider and fly patterning. 


We checked out a couple of books from the library on spiders.  I love her face here!  She is trying not to be totally grossed out


We made a KWL chart again:  what she already Knows,  what she Wants to learn, and what she has Learned.  I love her question she asked, “Are they nocturnal?”  She remembered that from our raccoon study…


For a fun alphabet review, she played Smack That Spider from 2Teaching Mommies



We went over the spider life cycle.  She was fascinated with how some spiders carry their babies on their back.



You can’t do a spider unit without reading Anansi!  We checked out several of them, but her favorite was Anansi's Party Time.  We read the book and listened on CD as well.

Sink or Float

In the story, Anansi had to hold onto Crab to be able to go to Turtles party under water (spiders float).  So we did a sink/float activity.


She dropped various items into the water and predicted weather or not the item would float.  I gave her the option to write or draw, and she choose to draw the object on the correct side of her chart.


Here she is drawing the alligator.



She asked to make a spider craft. Circle head and body, eight accordion folded legs, and a bunch of googly eyes.

I asked her if she wanted me to hang it up for her, and she said, “No thanks.  That would totally creep me out!” 



She did some letter tile spelling with the cards from our Very Busy Spider Pack.  I made her this one last year, and she has used it many times. 


Just For Fun


Elaina got a new bike this week.  A cute pink Disney Princess bike. 


Honestly, she is having some trouble learning how to peddle it, but she is one determined little girl, and even though I have found her kicking her bike and calling it “stupid”, she hops back on and keeps trying.  I love this picture of Isaac encouraging her.



Crisc said...

Thanks for stopping by my site. GREAT week I love the activities, I've done a few of them (a different way). Looking forward to seeing your space lesson =)

Judy Whatilivefor said...

How fun! I remember my first bike and the many happy hours spent on it :). I'm sure she will learn how to pedal quickly and will love her bike even more.