Thursday, April 26, 2012

Posh Princess Preschool {Transportation Unit}

As I mentioned in my post last week, we extended  the Letter Tt week to do a mini Transportation Unit!  I wasn’t sure that she would be interested in doing this unit, since she usually tells me that cars are boy toys…but she surprised me, and really got into it.

Here’s a look at what she did:


We happened to have a fairly large collection of books (leftover from the boys).  She chose a few to read, Red Light, Green Light, AlphaBeep, and Smash Crash.


I printed off the huge Transportation Preschool Pack from Homeschool Creations, and many of the activities we did are from that set.  We started off with the vocabulary cards, and looked for all the letters that she knew.  We also discussed where each vehicle belonged (road, water, air) and how many people fit in each one.  We played a guessing game too, giving each other clues about a specific vehicle:  “I fly in the air and only fit a few people.  What am I?” A Helicopter!


We had several songs that we sang together, especially during our morning Circle Time.  I'm A Little Airplane, The Wheels On The Bus, and Vroom, Vroom all from DLTK.


This is another activity from the pack, and was great to practice Right and Left.


We also have several Transportation Themed Puzzles.  She loved this one, and this one too.  The picture above is part of this set.


She made patterns with these cars and counting chips…


And counted with these number cards…



Bus Size Sort…


And Handwriting pages, B is for Bus and H is for Helicopter…


She filled out What Color Is the Helicopter…



And put together some mini puzzles…


I found this game recently at a thrift store, Motley Wheels.  It’s a simple game, but she enjoyed it a lot.  Roll the wooden die and add that color wheel to your vehicles.



Elaina and Olivia both played a bunch with these Magnetic Working Trucks.  All the pieces come apart for a bunch of different combinations.


This unit was a perfect time to teach her a bit about street signs.  We talked about most of the common ones that we see.  She’s even been pointing them out on the road now when we are in the car!


This file folder game is from Making Learning Fun.




She wanted to tape the signs to craft sticks to make puppets.  I quizzed her on the signs and she held up the correct sign.


Another activity from the pack: adding cars to the train.  This was great for skip counting and an early introduction to odd and even numbers. 


She did a color by number…


And spelled with these letter cards…



Did a little pattern blocks with Shape Shuffle



And completed  these number clip cards.  We finished off the week by watching Cars the movie.  There is so much more you could do for this theme, but we are trying to get through our LOTW, so we stopped here.  One activity that we did earlier this year is to make a Lego City .


Becca B. {Ironic Adventures} said...

Your puzzles look like so much fun! My boys love doing puzzles and have most of our put together so fast they could beat me! :-)

Tanya said...

My oldest son was sitting next to me while I read this post, asking "ooh, what's that? Can we have that?" We might have to do a Transportation week soon! :) Lots of great ideas here. I love the page using vehicles to teach right and left!