Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Serious Silliness 3


1.  After a very traumatizing experience watching her brother be cured of a wood tick,
 Elaina asked me to check her head for Tic-Tac-Toes (wood ticks). 
Then she politely asked me not to set her hair on fire if I found any.
 –Elaina, age 3

2.  Nathaniel responded to the chicken casserole I made for supper tonight: 
“This food is too tasty for me!  See you for breakfast!”
 –Nate, age 3

3.  Listening to Elaina scream and cry in her room during a time-out:
 “Oh I HATE that OLD lady! Her is a wicked, dumb, poopy head!” 
She followed up with, “I’m bustin out of this dungeon and you’ll never see me again!”
 I almost asked her if she needed any help packing….
-Elaina, age 3

4.  Olivia is covered in black, orange, and green permanent marker. 
You can ask Saul what happened.
 -Olivia, almost 2

5.  “Can I have a powder tortilla?”  (flour tortilla)
 –Nate, age 4

6.  Elaina: “Mom, I don’t want you to get old!” 
Me: “Why sweetie?  Are you afraid I’ll die?” 
Elaina:  “No.  I’m afraid you’ll get ugly.” 
Oh.  Nice to know I’m not raising a superficial daughter….
-Elaina, age 4

7.  While sharing our resolutions for the New Year (2012),
Saul told us he was looking to get in shape.
 To which Nate asked him, “What shape are you going for?” 
-Nate, age 7

8.  “You have boobies.  I have nibbles.”
 -Elaina, age 2

9.  “Wow Mom!  You have such a chubby tummy!  Just like Santa Clause…” 
-Isaac, age 5

10.  While driving home from church, I was changing radio stations
with the control on the stearing wheel. 
Nate asked me, “Are you using your MIND powers to do that?” 
This Star Wars thing has gone too far…
-Nate, age 7

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