Monday, April 9, 2012

The Solar System {New Planet Discovery}



homeschool ideas for Solar System

The kids and I spent an afternoon creating new planets and writing newspaper articles describing them.

This was so much fun and a perfect compliment to our Solar System Unit!


They chose a color for their planet, and then tore and cut those colors from old magazines.  Then they glued and shaped the pieces into a new planet!


Nate’s new planet was named Astro

It was red and had a peppermint swirling storm in the center of it.


Isaac’s planet was named Green Planet, and was the recycled planet.


And Elaina’s planet was Planet Pink Cupcake, which has a ring of cupcakes, and only girls are allowed!


The boys spent some time writing out their newspaper article.  The had to include the 5 W’s: Who discovered it, What was discovered, Where it was found, When it was found,  Why it was found, and we also included How it was discovered too.


I love the vocabulary that Nate comes up with on these free write assignments!  I need to be sure to include these more often.  Both boys did very well thinking out their articles and being creative with the information.


And after a brief discussion to decide if Nate’s planet could support life,  we decided it could because our kitty seemed pretty content laying on top of it!


Jenny K said...

Such an awesome idea! I hope I remember some of these great ideas when my little guy gets older!

Sarah said...

You can pin it to Pinterest! Do you have a Pinterest account? If not, I can invite you if you want...