Friday, April 20, 2012

Posh Princess Preschool {Letter Tt}

Letter T for: Turtles, Time, & Transportation (in a separate post)

What a fun week we had! We read all kinds of Turtle books, made a KWL chart again, and watched Turtle: The Incredible Journey. We also spent an entire extra week doing a fun Transportation mini-unit.  Here’s a look at what else Elaina got to do:


We are still using the Word Whammer and Handwriting Worksheet from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  Elaina insisted that I didn’t need to teach her how to write a T.  “It’s just like Jesus’ cross mom!”


Letter T Play-doh page and cookie cutter.


She wanted to put Play-doh dots on the Letter T’s for her Letter Hunt Worksheet this time.


T is for Turtle Magnet Page.


This is a fun counting game from COAH, Turtle Clip Cards.  Once she recognized the number on each turtle, she counted the correct amount of Math Links and attached them to the cards.

She did a Turtle Size Sort too: Small, Medium, and Large.


She laced a Sea Turtle (from an eeBoo set).


She worked really hard on this Pet Cube Puzzle.  I think this is a really challenging puzzle….


This is an activity called Sound Sort.  She had to identify if the letter T sound came at the beginning or end of the word.

Turtle Picnic

This is a really cute game called Turtle Picnic.  It is basically a color matching game, but can also be played like Memory.  We played this several times this week.



I got to teach Elaina how to play Tic-Tac-Toe with this fun turtle set.  She played a few times with me and then wanted to play with her brother Isaac, who kept winning….so she gave up and said Tic-Tac-Toe wasn’t really a game for her….



This Turtle craft was the highlight of the week for her!  She painted it all green and then drew a face on him.  She suggested we name him Turdie, and after her brothers couldn’t stop laughing, she changed her mind to Bob instead.  (Brothers!)




She chose to do this stamping activity a couple of times also.  I think she will have fun stamping words with them when she is ready to start reading.



She colored a Turtle and then asked to cut him out.  She did a great job going around all of the curves, and patiently worked at it until it was just right.


She is on number 12 in her number workbook, but struggling to recognize numbers past 8.  I think we will stop in this book for now until she becomes more comfortable with 8, 9, & 10…


With that in mind, this Turtle Counting activity was perfect for her.  You can use pre-printed numbers, magnet numbers, or dry-erase markers.  I love how she wanted to “dot” her numbers like I do!



We worked a little bit on learning how to tell time (hourly).  We used our Time Preschool Pack that I made last year for the boys.  This pack uses What Time Is It Mr. Crocodile? and it is the perfect book for teaching time on the hour.  As we went through the book, we adjusted the time on a foam clock we own and placed the story cards in order.



Then she used the time cards to make the clock read the correct time.  We have a ways to go in her understanding of time, but this was a great fun way to introduce it to her.


She saw this game (sorry, no link) up with the other math games in the homeschool closet and asked if she could play it.  Sure!  We all played it together, though it is far to easy for the boys, they still had fun whacking the numbers with the wands.

Just for Fun

girl power

We had a fun day at my Aunt’s house and Elaina got to play with her girl cousins.  She had so much fun, and has talked often about “her girls”!


Stef Layton said...

what a great lesson on turtles!

Jenny K said...

You guys had a great week! I love seeing all the different activities you do.

I bought that Pet Cube Puzzle for Liam recently and both my husband and I were surprised at how challenging it is.

I love the turtle craft she made.

Marla said...

What a great turtle unit! I am sure that my preschooler would love some of those activities. Thanks for sharing!

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