Friday, April 6, 2012

Posh Princess Preschool {Letter Rr}

Letter R for: Rainbow, Rabbit, Raccoon,
and Robot (in a separate post)

We had a lot of fun with the letter Rr!  Once again, I had way too many activities planned, and had to spread it out over nearly a 2 week period.  Here’s a look at the fun stuff that Elaina did:


She is still using the Word Whammer and worksheet from Confessions of a Homeschooler


She loves her Play-doh page and ABC Cookie Cutters


I finally got all of these Letter Hunt Worksheets printed and laminated from Confessions of a Homeschooler


R for Rainbow Magnet Page from Making Learning Fun.  This time she used these Magnetic Counting Chips, sorted by colors.


And then picked them all up with a super strong magnet.

Color Mixing

She did a color mixing activity that she LOVED!  I set out four colors and water in small cups, and she used an eye dropper and mini ice-cub tray and mixed away.  Literally, for like an hour.  She really loved doing this activity.




I also set out this color wheel from Mama Jenn, and she had a lot of fun mixing the colors that way too.


She played with the water beads, and this time we put a bunch of animals in for playing with.


I think that these water beads are sort of therapeutic because all of the kids get really quiet when they play with them.

Rainbow Fingerprint Art

Elaina made a beautiful fingerprint Rainbow with puffy white clouds. 



For one of our circle time read alouds we read Little Red Cowboy Hat, which is one of our favorite renditions of Red Riding Hood, and lends itself well to some fun voices and lots of laughs.  This is a cute puppet that my grandma passed on to me, and has three parts to it, Red, Granny, and the Wolf.


She is still working through her maze book and book of numbers.  She is up to 11 now!


She did some rabbit activities, and we read through the Hopper books that we have for a few of our story time read alouds too.




This is a really fun activity from Making Learning Fun.  She matched up the rabbit feet with the correct shapes.



She did some pattern blocks too and made a cute little rabbit.


Rabbit Puzzle.


We spent a fair amount of time learning about Raccoons.  I drew out at KWL chart for her and we filled out what she already Knows, what she Wants to know, and then later, what she Learned.  We used a few library books to help us with this.


Olivia had to have a turn holding up the chart too!


The Kissing Hand has become one of Elaina’s favorite stories.  I used these two in the set for that week, but have since found a few more by Audrey Penn that we like just as well.


I made her a flip chart for number recognition and counting practice.  She simply matched up the two sides.



She colored and cut out a cute little Raccoon and then I laminated it for her.  She named him Joey and told me he was 6 1/2.


We played this dice game together.  Just roll and color!


Elaina is still filling out her monthly calendars, and is getting more and more comfortable with naming the days of the week.  She loves the circle time we do each morning at the start of our school day, even though the boys seem to be getting bored of it.


Just For Fun

We spent some time with our family in Northern Colorado, and she got to play with her girl cousins for a day.


Elaina with her younger cousin, Cynthia.



All of the girls together:  Cynthia, Elaina, Aaliyah, Aimee, and Olivia.

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Anonymous said...

whew!! What a great week! I love the fingerprint rainbow! Also those magnetic counting chips look like a lot of fun!

Shonda said...

Oh, my goodness- your daughter and cousins look like twins! Wow, such great ideas for R. I really like the playdough letters, fingerprint rainbow and the KWL posters. I want to start doing that with my son soon. Visiting from Preschool Corner.

Jenny K said...

Love reading your posts. I always get so many cool ideas!

I had never heard of a KWL poster, so I will have to tuck that away in my mommy brain for later use.