Sunday, April 22, 2012

Character Building {Honesty}

Character Building Title

We are on a new adventure!

Won’t you come along and join us? We are learning how to have strong character. We are using the book, A Child's Book of Character Building, book 1, along with a bunch of other activities to round out our experience.

Character Building Honesty
HONESTY:  Truthful words and ways.
“Stop lying to each other; tell the truth.  For we are all parts of each other and
when we lie we are hurting ourselves.”
–Ephesians 4:25

We are nearly finished with this Character Building Study. 

It’s about time too, since my original plans were to be done by Christmas, and onto a Bible Basics unit that I’ve been working on.  Honestly, I didn’t realize what a difficult season of character building we would have as a family. 

So we have taken our time with this unit, and will more than likely come back and repeat it again. 

There were many times that I wanted to skip ahead and do this unit on Honesty, in order to teach a certain young man, who couldn’t seem to keep himself from lying



We did the normal bookwork and coloring pages that we usually do.


And recited this verse over and over again.  It became a mantra for our family.

(Click here for a FREE printable of the Bible verse and the song.)


I drew a visual for them of the Church, with Christ as the head.  We filled in different parts of the body with people we know, and included ourselves.  Then I drew “bite” marks for every time a lie is said, and how it hurts us and Jesus when we tell lies.

I have so far to go in learning how to teach my kids and reach them the way that God has intended me to.  This lesson was very impactful for me, as the Holy Spirit revealed through a friend, that my job as a parent is not just to teach them right from wrong, but to lead them to the Spirit who is the only one who can change their heart.  I feel like it is a big burden that has been lifted off my shoulders, because no matter what I do or try to accomplish to change how they act, I fall short in very big ways.  Relinquishing this job back to the Spirit has changed how I can approach their misbehavior, and has freed me from the guilt and sense of responsibility that I have been carrying around for my kids’ sin.

This lesson, like so many others, was just as important for me….

Next week:
Character Building Joyfulness


Deborah said...

I am about to start character studies again - we take times off but it's time to go again. :o)

Feel free to come and visit on Saturdays - that's when I'll be posting our character resources. The first one is scheduled for tomorrow.

It is true - that even if we train for character that the only thing that will REALLY change them is God. We can only go so far with the character stuff after that they need a real relationship with God themselves to be truly transformed.

The Paper Maid

Sarah said...

I'll be sure to stop by and check it out!

tcesh23 said...

You are such a Godly woman. You inspire me.